About Us

At Shigeru Beauty, we are not just another beauty product company jumping into the oversaturated market with the same old products. Before we began with these products, Master lash artist Shigeru already had popular eyelash extension salons and had already developed and patented original eyelash extension products considered the best in the game. We set out to create the BEST eyelash serum possible and bring it to our clientele, who we know expect nothing but the best from us. We tested many serums, including many of the popular brands. We then worked with a lab and one of the top cosmetics manufacturing companies in the world to reformulate and design a serum that consistently gave our clients the best results possible. Based on client reviews in our salons, and now all over the globe, we have proven our commitment to offering only the best products,which is our company's mission.. We are so confident in our Shigeru products that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and you will not find our name on any product that isn't simply the best. As we roll out new products, you can be sure we will only be offering products that have proven in our own tests to work wonders, no matter what category they may be in.

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